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 I am fascinated by humanity, captivated by the complexity of human interactions. I am convinced that everyone deserves the opportunity to realize their dreams, and I am fully committed to unlocking your true potential. Through my coaching, you will achieve concrete goals, break free from limiting beliefs, and take decisive actions to reach the results you aim for. Whether it's propelling your career, transforming your relationships, or enhancing your personal life,

I am here to guide you to success!

My journey


Certified Professional Coach, holder of a certification from the Act in International Academy, recognized by the ICF, a globally renowned association.


Professional experiences

My experience spans 21 years, during which I have had the privilege of learning and growing. More than 11 of those years were dedicated to information technology consulting, a field that taught me the importance of adaptability.

Throughout my career, I have held roles focused on the human aspect. As a team recruitment manager, my role was to guide and develop talents. I also had the joy of guiding clients to success during my tenure as a senior account manager. Today, I feel a deep desire to focus my efforts on human potential.

My experience has revealed the power of humility and resilience. I am convinced that each of us possesses an incredible strength, and when this strength is activated, its power can achieve great things. My mission is to help you thrive. My approach involves encouraging and guiding you, allowing each individual to reach their full potential.

I believe in the power of personal growth and professional fulfillment. Together, we can accomplish great things. My commitment is to contribute humbly to your success by helping you reach new heights. Choose to walk alongside me in this adventure, and you won't regret it!

My specializations

Career coaching

Personal development coaching

Interpersonal relations coaching


How can I help you

Developing leadership


Career progression

Career orientation

Feeling of stagnation

Finding motivation

Maintaining a healthy life balance Understanding one's emotions

Stress management

Conflict resolution


Overcoming fears

Transforming limiting beliefs
Setting boundaries

Resistance to change


Assisting you in navigating various phases

of your life :

Transition related to separation, job loss, financial problems, health issues

My approach

My coaching approach is focused on a relationship of trust and attentive listening.


My mission is to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.


With my personalized coaching method,

I guide you to overcome your barriers and drastically change your life. Each client is unique and deserves a tailored action plan.


Contact me to find out

how I can help you realize your potential


achieve your goals!

What benefits do you get from it?

If you feel a deep need to radically change your life and fully commit to this process,


Here's what awaits you:

Gain clarity

Gain perspective

Better self-understanding


Cultivate mindfulness

Increase autonomy

Take action


Stress and emotion management

Become the architect of your life

Feel in harmony with life
Improve your relationships

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