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The key to happiness lies within you

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Evea Coaching
was more than a name to me
it was an Awakening.

My story

Welcome to Evea-Coaching, the "cocooning" space where your flourishing comes to life! Our personalized approach focuses on the harmony between your professional and personal life. Here, we encourage you to unleash your full potential, break down limiting barriers, and thrive completely. With our tailored coaching sessions, envision yourself overcoming obstacles hand in hand, emerging stronger and more confident. Ready to embark on this journey toward a fulfilling life? We're here, with our wholehearted commitment, to guide you toward success and personal fulfillment. Welcome to an adventure where every step matters, and every achievement is celebrated with enthusiasm! Your value is immeasurable, invest in yourself and reap the jewels of a joy-filled life!



Your Coach

Evea-Coaching has been much more than a name for me, it was an awakening. It marked the beginning of a profound transformation in my life, leading to the birth of Evea-Coaching. Through my personal journey, I discovered the power of growth, resilience, and reconnecting with my essence.

This realization led me to understand that my true mission was to accompany others on their own path of awakening and transformation. Every experience I've lived through, every lesson learned, has strengthened my conviction that I must use my knowledge, compassion, and attentive listening to help others find their own inner light. Thus, I passionately committed to becoming a professional coach, aiming to guide people toward a more fulfilling life, filled with happiness and personal realization.


Themes where we can navigate together

Professional exploration

Image by Lazarescu Alexandra

Professional sea 

Exploration of interpersonal relationships


Relationship shells

Self exploration

Image by Alex Rhee

Personal Ocean

This powerful ocean metaphor represents the fearlessness of self-exploration, of the unfathomable depths of our swirling emotions, our sparkling values, our insatiable aspirations and the buried treasures of our inner reserves. It is about courageously diving into the disconcerting waves of our deep being, in order to arouse wonder, amplify our confidence in ourselves and catalyze the dazzling realization of our full potential.

This expression embodies the exploration of the professional sphere and career development. 

Imagine yourself sailing on a vast sea, where majestic sailboats symbolize the different professional opportunities available to you. Through this exploration, we adjust our sails, navigate with confidence and determination, explore new professional horizons and seek the balance between success, fulfillment and well-being.

This expression evokes

exploring interpersonal relationships during a coaching session. Imagine yourself on a beach lined with various shells, representing the different facets of human relationships. Through this exploration we examine the diversity of interactions, communication, empathy and healthy boundary setting, and learn to build strong and harmonious relationship castles.

Please note that life coaching services are in no way a substitute for the services offered by mental health professionals. 

témoignages touchants des clients rencontrés


“The coaching I received was transformative, bringing clarity and confidence to successfully achieve my personal and professional goals. I am very happy and grateful to have discovered Evea Coaching, and thank you, Yasmine, for these invaluable coaching sessions that have changed my life.”


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